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“OMICS” - named for the suffix -omics, as in genomics - refers to the collective technologies used to explore the roles, relationships, and actions of molecules that make up the cells of an organism and includes: genomics, the study of genes and their function; proteomics, the study of proteins and their function; metabolomics, the study of molecules involved in cellular metabolism; transcriptomics, the study of RNA molecules and their regulation; and epigenomics, the study of epigenetic modifications on the genetic material of a cell. This website provides tools and resources to enable Add Health users to integrate these unprecedented technological advances into their research agendas.

Featured Content

Collaborative study using Add Health data featured in Nature Genetics: genetic variants associated with educational attainment

Over 70 researchers, 23andMe, COGENT, and SSGAC came together to conduct one of the largest genetic studies on educational attainment using a sample of 1.1 million individuals. Their work identified 1,271 lead SNPs that are related to educational attainment and was published in Nature Genetics. Additionally, the polygenic scores developed from these SNPs explain 11-13% of the variance in educational attainment.