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Add Health Director helps celebrate University Research Week

Dr. Kathleen Mullan Harris on Add Health and the importance of research at UNC Chapel Hill


Dr. Kathleen Mullan Harris, Add Health's Director, was interviewed about her research as a part of University Research Week at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From March 27-31, UNC has been celebrating with poster presentations, lab tours, and special speakers in order to "emphasize the value of research to the state, nation and world, and to offer students opportunities to discover and engage in research."

Dr. Harris was among several Carolina Faculty members who were interviewed about their research projects as a part of the celebration. She discussed her work with Add Health as well as her attraction to working at a research institution like UNC Chapel Hill. Read more about University Research Week and watch the other interviews on UNC's website.

"I wanted to do the research that other people teach rather than teach the research that other people do. At a research institution, you get to do both," Dr. Harris explains. "I think it's also really great for the undergraduates and graduate students to . . . know what are the pressing questions and how do we ask those questions, and then how do we get answers to those questions."