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Title Description Effective Date
Minorities Do Not Receive Same Physical Health Benefits of College Completion as White Peers Add Health study helps explain racial and socioeconomic disparities in health Dec 19, 2017 02:05 PM
Gender and the Stability of Same-Sex and Different-Sex Relationships Among Young Adults Demography features Add Health research on relationship dissolution Dec 11, 2017 02:39 PM
More than half of children in the US today will be obese adults Data from Add Health featured in The New England Journal of Medicine Dec 04, 2017 01:53 PM
Add Health Deputy Director, Dr. Carolyn Halpern, to co-lead new NIH study The study will explore sexual orientation/gender identity, socioeconomic status, and health Oct 25, 2017 09:12 AM
Add Health Research in Forbes: Your Moods Are Contagious, Depression is Not Oct 09, 2017 03:44 PM
Heavy Drinking in Young Adulthood Increases Risk of Obesity Add Health research featured in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine Sep 11, 2017 12:30 PM
Mischievous Responders in Add Health "Jokesters" do not lead to misidentified disparities between sexual minority and heterosexual youth May 26, 2017 04:10 PM
Add Health Director helps celebrate University Research Week Dr. Kathleen Mullan Harris on Add Health and the importance of research at UNC Chapel Hill Mar 31, 2017 01:22 PM
Add Health Research in the New York Times: Why Succeeding Against the Odds Can Make You Sick Feb 03, 2017 11:39 AM
Volunteering in adolescence may reduce crime involvement in adulthood Findings from Add Health in Injury Epidemiology Jan 24, 2017 08:44 AM
Add Health in Social Science Research: Family environments and cohabitation Dec 23, 2016 11:15 AM
Add Health research featured in Drug and Alcohol Dependence Childhood trauma, adulthood prescription pain reliever misuse and injection drug use Dec 01, 2016 04:15 PM
November is American Diabetes Month Nov 11, 2016 03:15 PM
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Add Health provides valuable data related to intimate partner violence Oct 25, 2016 01:55 PM
Journal of Adolescent Health features Add Health Research from Project Director and Investigators Longitudinal relationships between binge drinking, marijuana use, and depressive symptoms Oct 14, 2016 01:55 PM
Two Add Health articles featured in Journal of Adolescent Health's October issue Sep 23, 2016 12:46 PM
Why science shouldn’t be a political punchline The Hill blog emphasizes the importance of government funded research Sep 23, 2016 12:30 PM
Research Highlight: Infant Health & Characteristics Aug 01, 2016 03:25 PM
ICPSR Research Paper Competition winners feature Add Health data Congratulations to the winners! Jul 22, 2016 02:15 PM
Parent Involvement Helps Teens Stay Away from Alcohol NPR features Add Health research Jul 08, 2016 02:25 PM