The National Children's Study - Duplin County Vanguard Center

The goal of the National Children's Study is to identify a sample of 100,000 children, as early as possible in pregnancy, and follow them for 21 years to address the causes of a variety of health problems including obesity, injuries, asthma, and developmental delays. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in collaboration with Duke University and Battelle Memorial Institute, is conducting a study in Duplin County. Because of the small population of Duplin County (51,181 residents [estimated] and 728 births in 2003), the project will seek participation of a sizable proportion of the children born to women residing in the county and located in selected sampling areas to reach the goal of 250 being recruited each year. In order to identify those pregnancies as early as possible, with a goal of 25% being identified prior to conception, the team will conduct a household survey of reproductive age women and monitor them over time through a series of interviews. Because many pregnancies are not planned or women may not be willing to participate prior to conception, the team will also work with prenatal care providers to identify and recruit women. Once identified and recruited, researchers will conduct a series of interviews, collect specimens, and conduct clinical evaluations. The team will also work with hospitals to obtain cord blood and placentas at the time of delivery and have a neonatal examination done in a specified, rigorous manner. In addition to the interview and clinical information, environmental samples will be collected in and around the home and from the community more widely.

Principal Investigators: Barbara Entwisle, Nancy Dole, Co-PI (Carolina Population Center)

CPC Fellow Investigators: Amy H. Herring , John M. Thorp, Jr.

Funding Source: NIH NICHD

Grant Number: Contract #HHSN27520050341

Funding Period: 9/30/2005 - 1/31/2011

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