Health Outcomes and Impact through Sustainable Country-led Programs and Partnerships in Kenya

The MEASURE Evaluation team is assisting the Kenya USAID Mission in the development of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems that include counties that are a new governance level instituted in the new constitution. A goal is to decrease the need for external M&E technical assistance in future years. MEASURE Evaluation is a consortium of organizations, led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). Other partners are ICF International, Tulane University, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Futures Group International and John Snow International (JSI). For this project, ICF has a lead role and draws on the expertise of other partners. Activities focus on three intermediate results: (1) Improved M&E capacity of the ministry of health programs to identify and respond to information needs at national and sub-national levels, (2) Improved availability and use of quality health information at national and subnational levels, (3) Improved M&E capacity for local training and research institutions. In addressing these intermediate results the following are emphasized: (1) Appropriateness and sustainability, focusing on decreasing the future need for technical assistance by conducting as much of work as possible through Government of Kenya structures and local institutions; (2) Innovation by providing tools developed by the MEASURE team and an institutional culture of M&E innovation; and (3) Systems integration with health information systems that cross health areas (e.g., HIV/AIDS and malaria), disciplines (e.g., organizational development, data use), administrative categories (national, subnational), agency and organization types (e.g., non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational and training institutions), beneficiary types (e.g., health workers, planners, development partners, citizens). The approach aims to simultaneously address all of these categories and to integrate the various components. Country-wide performance involves seeing results at all levels of government and all regions of the country, including the northern arid lands.

Principal Investigator: James Thomas

Funding Source: USAID Agency for International Development (USAID)

Grant Number: AID-623-LA-12-00001

Funding Period: 10/31/2012 - 10/30/2017

Primary Research Area: Population Health

Affiliated Research Project:

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