Add Health Parent Study: Phase I

This project launches the first phase of data collection on the Add Health Parent Study (Add Health-PS) in collaboration with Duke University. The Add Health-PS is an innovative project in which an interdisciplinary team of scientists is gathering and analyzing social, behavioral, and biological data on the parents of the members of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health). Add Health-PS leverages the rich longitudinal data on the original Add Health respondents and a previous interview of their parents to capture, for the first time, biological, genetic, and social data on two linked generations. These unique sets of data support the scientific objective of Add Health-PS to study intergenerational linkages in four substantive domains: (1) health, functionality, and health behaviors; (2) cognitive functioning and non-cognitive personality traits; (3) decision-making, expectations, and risk preferences; and (4) family support, relationship quality and ties of obligation. Add Health-PS has four specific aims: (1) Sample Selection & Location: Select, trace and locate a total sample of 5,000 parents of Add Health respondents, consisting of a random sample of 3,125 parents (mainly mothers) who were interviewed 15 years ago with their adolescent child in the Wave I of Add Health and an anticipated 1,875 “2nd parents” (mainly fathers) who were present in the Wave I household, although not interviewed, and currently live with the Wave I parent. (2) Design Survey & Biomarker Collection: Develop a 60-minute CAPI/CASI survey instrument to be administered on a laptop computer, protocols for a 30-minute collection of physical measurements and biological specimens, and procedures to record and geocode spatial data obtained at the interview. Instrument development and choice of biomarkers are guided by measures needed to address the scientific objectives for the four substantive domains noted above. (3) Field Survey & Collect Biomarkers: Over five years, conduct a 90-minute personal interview with Add Health parents to collect survey data, anthropometric data, biological data from blood spot and saliva specimens and a blood pressure monitor, genetic data from DNA, and geographic locations for spatial data. This project is collecting the same biomarkers, cognitive, personality and related assessments that were collected on their offspring in past and planned future waves of Add Health. (4) Data Management, Dissemination & Specimen Archiving: Monitor data quality, clean and document survey data and biomarker protocols, prepare data for dissemination to Add Health-PS investigators and the scientific community, and maintain a biological specimen archive for future testing.

Principal Investigator: Kathleen Mullan Harris

CPC Fellow Investigator: Carolyn Tucker Halpern

Funding Source: NIH NIA

Grant Number: AG042794

Funding Period: 4/1/2013 - 6/30/2017

Primary Research Area: Demography

Affiliated Research Project:

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