Monitoring and Evaluation to Assess and Use Results (MEASURE) Evaluation Phase IV Project

The best strategies to improve health arise from reliable data on health outcome occurrences and the effects of public health policies and programs. In the last 20 years, great strides have been made in preparing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) workforce and equipping them with tools, methods, and systems for evidence-based decision making. In Phase IV of the MEASURE Evaluation project, there is an added focus on health information systems and health systems strengthening. The project has four mandates: to strengthen the collection, analysis, and use of routine health data; to improve country-level capacity to manage health information system resources and staff; to improve and apply methods, tools, and approaches; and to increase capacity for rigorous evaluation. We are a team of six organizations, led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), which have contributed significantly over the last two decades to strengthening the health information systems of developing countries and enabling them to make evidence-based public health decisions. Our approach is guided by six essential functions of a strong health system: (1) It must monitor trends in health outcomes and services; (2) ensure that health data are trustworthy; (3) make decisions quickly and efficiently; (4) identify what works; (5) ensure the coordination and equity of health services; and (6) manage resources for the greatest benefit. To achieve our objectives, we apply a systems approach, where a system consists of many components and thus has many stakeholders. Effective and efficient operation of a system requires that several elements be addressed simultaneously, that stakeholders coordinate and cooperate with each other, and that they identify leverage points where change can best be achieved.

Principal Investigator: James Thomas

Funding Source: USAID

Grant Number: AID-OAA-L-14-00004

Funding Period: 7/1/2014 - 6/28/2019

Primary Research Area: Population Health,Reproductive Health

Affiliated Research Project:

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