WIC Package Changes and Packaged Food Purchases among US Preschool Households

This study will use nationally representative data on household purchases linked to nutrition information in 2008, 2010,E75 and 2015 (pre- and post-interim and post-final WIC package changes) alongside WIC participation and socio-demographic data to explore changes in the types and nutrient profile of packaged food purchases among WIC and non-WIC-participating households with any child 1-4 years old across the contiguous US. The study will explore heterogeneity in response by WIC package policy options chosen across states. This will be the first major effort to quantify on a national scale how WIC changes relate to packaged food purchases, whether state variations in policy options chosen matter, and whether WIC changes are associated with reducing nutrient and diet disparities between WIC and non-WIC households. The findings from this work will provide evidence on whether the WIC package changes have helped improve the diet and nutrition profile of purchases among WIC participating households, and helped alleviate disparities between WIC and non-WIC households. Additionally, it can help provide the start of the evidence base for maintaining or making future changes to the WIC package, and to identify WIC policy options that work well in tandem or improved nutrition outcomes among beneficiaries.

Principal Investigator: Shu Wen Ng

Funding Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Grant Number: 73247

Funding Period: 12/15/2015 - 6/14/2017

Primary Research Area: Demography

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