Stata's Windows Mode

If you are not familiar with Stata's interactive mode, launch Stata and take a moment to have a look at Stata's layout.
  • Stata's Results window is a mix of SAS's log and output windows.  The results window reprints the command and Stata's reaction to that command.

  • The Stata Command window is almost like SAS's program editor except that it is designed for the user to submit only one command at a time.

    Helpful tip:  to scroll back to previously submitted commands use the "Page Up" key.

  • The Variables window lists the variable names and labels of the variables in the data set that is currently in memory.  If you click on a variable it will appear in the command line.

  • The Review window lists recently submitted commands from the command window.  If you click on a previous command, it will appear in the command window.  If you double click it will be executed.

    Helpful tip: If you want to save the commands in the review window, perhaps because you did not start logging your Stata session, click to the left of the word "Review" in the title of the window and select "Save Review Contents".  This will save the commands in the order they were submitted in the form of a do-file ( *.do ) which is equivalent to a SAS program ( *.sas ) file.

  • The Stata Do-file Editor (in versions previous to Stata 10 click the icon of an open envelope. starting in Stata 10 the icon is a notepad) is like SAS's program editor.  Here you can submit a single command or several lines of code at a time.  To submit commands from the do-file editor click the icon in the tool bar that looks like a piece of paper with lines on it and an arrow pointing down.

  • Stata also offers a Data Editor and a Data Browser just like SAS.  To access them there are icons in the tool bar that look like spread sheets.  The icon for the data browser is the one with the magnifying glass.

  • The Stata Viewer is for viewing existing log files as well as help files.  To launch the viewer click the icon in the tool bar that is a picture of an eye.


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