Edit ado-file in Stata's do-file editor

If you want to use adoedit, then feel free to use Stata's command: ssc install to download and install adoedit:

   ssc install adoedit, replace

Disclaimer:  There is no warranty on this software either expressed or implied.  This program is released under the terms and conditions of GNU General Public License.


About adoedit

Programmer:  Dan Blanchette
The Carolina Population Center
The University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC  USA

Date:  06Nov2003
Last updated:  08Feb2005

Edit the ado-file that runs the specified command


adoedit cmdname



adoedit attempts to edit whichever ado-file named cmdname.ado is first on the current adopath.  One cannot edit files larger than 32,000 bytes in the do-file editor, nor can one edit built-in commands. This routine is designed for use by those who are writing their own ado-files; users are exhorted to make a copy of any official ado-files, and to save modified official ado-files in the ado directory, rather than the Stata directory.
adoedit cmdname.ado
Specifying the ado file extension is tolerated.

After a successful edit, the discard command is issued so that Stata will load the revised ado-file.  This will also clear any estimates from the last estimation.

If you wish to edit ado-files with a different text editor, please see fedit and the texteditors modules on the SSC archive.



 .  adoedit tsspell


Saved Results

The adoedit command saves in r():

r(adofile) the ado-file name and full path



This program grew out of previous work by:

Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, U.K.
Christopher F Baum, Boston College, USA


Also see

On-line:  doedit, findfile

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