Search variable names and labels for some string or strings (an enhancement of lookfor)

If you want to use lookforit, then feel free to use Stata's command ssc install to download and install lookforit:

   ssc install lookforit, replace


Disclaimer:  There is no warranty on this software either expressed or implied.  This program is released under the terms and conditions of GNU General Public License.


About lookforit

Programmer:  Dan Blanchette
The Carolina Population Center
The University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC  USA

Date:  19Nov2003
Last updated:  04Mar2009

Search variable names and variable labels for some string or strings


lookforit string [string [...]]




lookforit is an enhancement of the base Stata command lookfor.  It searches all variable names and variable labels just as lookfor does.  Like lookfor, lookforit can search for multiple strings but can only do a simple search, i.e. no &'s, |'s, or enclosing strings in quotes.  The ways that lookforit differs are as follows:
  1. lookforit does a case sensitive search if the user types any upper case characters, otherwise, it performs a case insensitive search.
       . lookforit female
    finds "Female", "FEMALE", "feMale", or even "FemalePatient"
       . lookforit Female
    only finds "Female"

  2. lookforit lists variables alphabetically

  3. The variable names are clickable links to the data editor that opens Stata's data editor to that variable column.



   . lookforit job

   . lookforit employment Salary

   . lookforit inc


Also see

Online:  help for lookfor, ds

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