Tools to transfer data between SAS and Stata

SAS macro to save a SAS dataset as a Stata dataset
Stata command to save Stata datasets as SAS datatsets.
Stata command to load SAS datasets into Stata. Once your data is in Stata it is a Stata dataset and should be treated as such. Check out Stata's nearly equivalent command fdause that allows you to use SAS transport/xport datasets.
SAVAS (c-shell) script
Save SAS datasets as Stata datasets/Save Stata datasets as SAS datasets. Based on the file extensions savas... makes SAS (version 6.09 or later) datafile copies of Stata (any version up to and including the version of Stata being run) datafiles. or: makes Stata (version 7 or later) datafile copies of SAS (version 6.09 or later) datafiles.
SAS macro to run Stata code from within SAS
Stata command to run a SAS program from within Stata

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