SAVASTATA takes advantage of the abilities of SAS and Stata to transfer data from SAS to Stata where other transfer programs do not have SAS or Stata available to them.

  • SAVASTATA lets SAS create the transfer file and Stata create the binary file where other transfer software have to guess at how these files are constructed.  Normally the way to get a Stata datafile copy of a SAS file you have to first save your SAS dataset to your hard drive and the run it through DBMS/Copy or Stat/Transfer.  Then you have two files when it's very likely you only need the one Stata dataset.  SAVASTATA cuts out the "middle-man" and saves only one dataset...the desired Stata dataset.  SAVASTATA saves disk space and reduces clutter.

  • SAVASTATA documents in your SAS log how the Stata dataset was created, how many observations and variables it has and what version of Stata it is.
        NOTE: SAVASTATA has successfully saved the
        Stata 11 Intercooled datafile C:\my project\data\mealfreq.dta.   *
        Stata reports that the dataset has 200 observations and 11 variables.   *
        NOTE:  SAVASTATA took less than a minute to run.   *

  • SAVASTATA makes conversion of user-defined formats to Stata value labels easy.  If you have created user-defined formats in your SAS program and associated them to variables in a data step, then SAVASTATA will create Stata value labels from them.  If SAS knows about the user-defined formats, then SAVASTATA will save them as value labels.  No need to go into any great effort to save formats to a formats catalog or dataset to save them as value labels.

  • SAVASTATA by default saves to the current version of Stata that you have on your computer.  There is no need to try to decide if you need a "Stata SE doubles" dataset like in DBMS/Copy.  By default SAVASTATA saves to the version of Stata that you have installed.

  • SAVASTATA saves your data to variables set to optimum data types.

  • SAVASTATA can been used on all versions of Windows as well as UNIX and Linux.


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