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About the Library

The Carolina Population Center Library provides population-relevant information and resources to CPC researchers, the larger University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill community, population scientists and policymakers, and research sponsors.


Lori Delaney, MLIS –  (Email Lori)
Director of Research Communications & Library Services
Carolina Population Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(919) 962-6157

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Lexie Groner – (Email Lexie)
Library Services and Research Administrator
Carolina Population Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(919) 962-3626


The following policies apply to library materials housed in the Carolina Population Center (CPC) Library.

Circulation Policy
Courier Services policy
Acquisitions Policy

Circulation Policy



The CPC Library collection is available to onsite Carolina Population Center researchers via fob access only. Until further notice, the CPC Library is closed to UNC faculty, staff, and students who are not affiliated with CPC.

The CPC Library’s collection is searchable via the University Libraries catalog.

CPC affiliates may borrow materials from the CPC Library collection. To checkout a book, complete the checkout form on the CPC intranet, or email the citation info & barcode (ex. CPC200#####) to Lori Delaney. You will receive a confirmation email with the due date.

Some materials from the CPC Library collection may be obtained by special request. To make a request, please email the citation information to Lori Delaney.

Loan Periods:

During the Spring 2021 semester, most loan periods are negotiable. The official loan periods are:

UNC Faculty (including CPC Fellows): 180 days
UNC Graduate Students (including CPC Trainees): 90 days
UNC Undergraduate Students, UNC Staff, and other borrowers: 30 days

For questions, contact Lori Delaney.

Returning Materials:

Use the CPC Library book return in Carolina Square to return books to any UNC Library. Once per week, all returned books are delivered to Davis Library for a 72-hour quarantine before being returned to their owning library.

Alternatively, return all UNC Libraries books to Davis Library or Health Sciences Library. Instructions are available via the University Libraries pickup service.


Renewals can be requested via UNC’s My Library account for up to three additional loan periods as long as the item is not requested by another user.


All borrowed items are subject to recall after two weeks if requested by another user. Materials may be recalled immediately for a use deemed urgent by the library. Due date changes will be noted on recall notices and will supersede the original due date. If an item is not returned by the revised due date, fines will begin to accrue.

Overdue and Lost Materials:

It is the borrower’s responsibility to return all borrowed materials on time.

Grace Periods:
UNC Faculty members (including CPC Fellows) have a 13-day grace period from the date the item is due. On the 14th day, fines begin to accrue. All other users have a 3-day grace period from the due date of the item. Fines begin to accrue on the 4th day.

Books begin to accrue overdue charges at the rate of $0.50 per day per item after the grace period has expired. The maximum charge for regular overdue fines is $25.00 per item. Fines are to be paid to the CPC Library.

Grace periods do not apply to recall fines. Recall fines begin accruing 14 days after the date of recall, but not before the due date.

Lost items/Replacement fees:
Items are automatically declared Lost when 42 days past due. On the 43rd day, the CPC Library begins the process of replacing the item. Patrons are responsible for the replacement bill (usually $100 but sometimes more in the case of more expensive items), or patrons may provide a replacement copy plus a $25 processing fee to add the new copy to our collection. Replacement copies must be new books, not used, and the same edition or newer.

Document Delivery Service for CPC Researchers (Formerly Courier Service)

The CPC Library obtains research articles from University Libraries’ literature databases for CPC’s population researchers. When articles are not readily available, they are ordered via UNC’s Health Sciences Library from another source.

Due to University Libraries limited services for Spring 2021, books must be obtained from the University Libraries pickup service.

Courier services are exclusively for

  • CPC Faculty Fellows
  • CPC postdoctoral scholars
  • CPC predoctoral trainees working on a Fellow’s population research project
  • Staff working on a Fellow’s population research project

The library adheres to copyright law when obtaining, copying, and sharing articles and books.

Submitting a Document Delivery Request

Submit a courier request by emailing the citation information to the CPC Library. In many cases, the full-text article is available within two days. Materials obtained from other libraries may take longer.

Courier-obtained materials: Renewals, Fines, and Lost Materials


Renewals can be requested if items are not overdue and/or not requested by someone else. To renew, contact the CPC Library.


It is the requester’s responsibility to track due dates and return materials on time. Fines and replacement charges that accrue are the requestor’s responsibility, to be paid to University Libraries.

Library Amount of FIne
Davis $0.50 day
Health Sciences $0.50 day
University Libraries branches varies
Interlibrary Borrowed $2.00 day

Lost Materials: Replacement costs for lost or unreturned materials begin at $100 per item.

Acquisitions policy

The CPC Library is a specialized collection of population-related research materials primarily for CPC researchers. The acquisitions policy is a guide for the selection of all new materials, including donations and gifts, for the library collection. Due to space constraints and budget limitations, acquisitions are by request. Contact Lori Delaney to recommend a book purchase.  

Moye W. Freymann Memorial Collection

The Moye W. Freymann Memorial Collection is a collection of books donated and purchased from an endowment fund established by Mrs. Katherine Freymann and her family to support the Carolina Population Center Library. Dr. Moye Freymann was the first director of CPC. Dr. Freymann had a strong commitment to the library and believed that current and historical information in the field should be readily available to researchers. The earnings generated from the fund help assure that materials in Dr. Freymann’s areas of interest will be available to researchers for years to come.

Subject areas covered in the collection are international health, international family planning, the social sciences in health and population, program evaluation, and health and population policy. The books are identified with a bookplate specially designed for the collection.

To find materials that are in the collection, search the University Libraries catalog. The dropdown menu should be All Fields. Enter “Moye Wicks Freymann Memorial Fund” then select Search.