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Davis, Jason & Jennings, Elyse A. (2018). Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Migration on Union Dissolution. International Migration, 56(6), 136-152. PMCID: PMC6426327


This investigation uses data from Nicaragua to evaluate the temporal and geographic influences of migration on union dissolution. We investigate the impact of three migration types: internal (within Nicaragua), South‐South international (to Costa Rica), and South‐North international (to the United States). We perform event history analyses using data from the Latin American Migration Project (LAMP) to test whether longer migrations (time) and migration to international and more distant locations (place), and the combination of these two factors, is associated with increased rate of union dissolution among return migrants. Results suggest that total migration duration and internal migration (relative to non‐migration) are associated with an increased rate of union dissolution. Moreover, a longer duration of migration to any one of the three destinations increases this rate. In order to understand the familial risks associated with migration, then, we must consider both the time and place associated with the migration event.


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Journal Article

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International Migration


Davis, Jason
Jennings, Elyse A.