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Perceptions and Determinants of Healthy Eating for People with HIV in the Dominican Republic Who Experience Food Insecurity


Wallace, Deshira D.; Payán, Denise D.; Then-Paulino, Amarilis; Armenta, Gabriela; Fulcar, María Altagracia; Acevedo, Ramón; & Derose, Kathryn P. (2021). Perceptions and Determinants of Healthy Eating for People with HIV in the Dominican Republic Who Experience Food Insecurity. Public Health Nutrition, 24(10), 3018-3027. PMCID: PMC7902734


OBJECTIVE: The current study aimed to understand how moderate and severe food-insecure people living with HIV (PLHIV) in the Dominican Republic perceive a healthy diet and explore facilitators and barriers to engaging in healthy dietary behaviours as a means of HIV self-management.
DESIGN: We conducted semi-structured interviews with PLHIV. We generated codes on food insecurity among PLHIV and used content analysis to organise codes for constant comparison between and within participants.
SETTING: Two urban HIV clinics in the Dominican Republic.
PARTICIPANTS: Thirty-two PLHIV participated in the interviews.
RESULTS: Factors that contributed to dietary behaviours include individual factors, such as knowledge of nutrition, views and attitudes on healthy dietary behaviours, beliefs about dietary needs for PLHIV and diet functionality. Interpersonal factors, including assistance from family and peers in providing food or funds, were deemed critical along with community and organisational factors, such as food assistance from HIV clinics, accessibility to a variety of food store types and the availability of diverse food options at food stores. Policy-level factors that influenced dietary behaviours were contingent on respondents' participation in the labour market (i.e. whether they were employed) and consistent access to government assistance. Food insecurity influenced these factors through unpredictability and a lack of control.
CONCLUSIONS: PLHIV who experience food insecurity face various barriers to engaging in healthy dietary behaviours. Their diets are influenced at multiple levels of influence ranging from individual to structural, requiring multi-level interventions that can address these factors concurrently.


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Journal Article

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Public Health Nutrition


Wallace, Deshira D.
Payán, Denise D.
Then-Paulino, Amarilis
Armenta, Gabriela
Fulcar, María Altagracia
Acevedo, Ramón
Derose, Kathryn P.




Dominican Republic