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Atere-Roberts, Joëlle; Smith, Judith Lee; & Hall, Ingrid J. (2020). Interventions to Increase Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Uptake among Rural Women: A Scoping Review. Cancer Causes & Control, 31(11), 965-977.


PURPOSE: Despite widespread promotion of breast and cervical cancer (BCC) screening, uptake remains low in rural communities. Barriers to healthcare, which often result in poorer health outcomes, differentially impact residents of rural communities. Effective interventions addressing the unique needs of rural women may target these barriers and increase BCC screening participation. Our objective is to review and assess the published literature on interventions to increase BCC screening in rural communities.
METHODS: A systematic scoping review of PubMed/Medline was performed to identify BCC screening interventions conducted in rural settings. English language articles from peer-reviewed journals published from January 2006 to October 2019 were included if they reported results for BCC screening interventions in rural communities in the United States.
RESULTS: We reviewed 228 articles and identified eight articles consistent with our inclusion criteria. Studies varied in sample population characteristics, geographic location, design, and mode of intervention delivery. Interventions included patient navigation strategies, educational outreach programs, peer counseling, and small media initiatives. Interventions focused on promoting uptake of initial or one-time screening rather than targeted repeat screening, and few studies detailed the cost-effectiveness of the interventions.
CONCLUSION: This review may inform efforts to develop strategies to increase BCC screening among rural women. Additional cancer prevention and control research gaps in rural communities include the examination of the theoretical foundations, design, delivery, and cost-effectiveness of BCC screening interventions for rural communities. Future research might focus on methods to promote repeat BCC screening and effective translation of these interventions for other rural populations.


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Journal Article

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Cancer Causes & Control


Atere-Roberts, Joëlle
Smith, Judith Lee
Hall, Ingrid J.