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The Sorting Hat of Medicine: Individual Choice or Institutional Culture


Lodge, Evans K. (2020). The Sorting Hat of Medicine: Individual Choice or Institutional Culture. Journal of Surgical Education, 77(5), 1321-1322. PMCID: PMC7486989


In a recent article by Baimas-George and Vrochides, the authors argue that self-sorted Hogwarts houses may be a useful tool for medical students struggling to decide what training and career path to pursue. While the authors’ creative application of J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts houses certainly makes for an enjoyable read, their interpretation of research findings may enforce stereotypes regarding medical specialty selection rather than serve as a helpful tool for students selecting their future training plans. At a time when the Journal of Surgical Education is publishing important work regarding recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority students, gender-based discrimination experienced by female surgical trainees, and ongoing efforts to increase the diversity of national surgical leadership, I am wary of the potential for Baimas-George and Vrochides’ publication to undermine the Journal’s efforts.


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Journal Article

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Letter to Editor

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Journal of Surgical Education


Lodge, Evans K.