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The Burden of Malaria in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Deutsch-Feldman, Molly; Parr, Jonathan B.; Keeler, Corinna; Brazeau, Nicholas F.; Goel, Varun; Emch, Michael; Edwards, Jessie K.; Kashamuka, Melchior; Tshefu, Antoinette K.; & Meshnick, Steven R. (2021). The Burden of Malaria in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 223(11), 1948-1952. PMCID: PMC8176632


Despite evidence that older children and adolescents bear the highest burden of malaria, large malaria surveys focus on younger children. We used polymerase chain reaction data from the 2013–2014 Demographic and Health Survey in the Democratic Republic of Congo (including children aged <5 years and adults aged ≥15 years) and a longitudinal study in Kinshasa Province (participants aged 6 months to 98 years) to estimate malaria prevalence across age strata. We fit linear models and estimated prevalences for each age category; adolescents aged 10–14 years had the highest prevalence. We estimate approximately 26 million polymerase chain reaction–detectable infections nationally. Adolescents and older children should be included in surveillance studies.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Article Type

Brief Report

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Infectious Diseases


Deutsch-Feldman, Molly
Parr, Jonathan B.
Keeler, Corinna
Brazeau, Nicholas F.
Goel, Varun
Emch, Michael
Edwards, Jessie K.
Kashamuka, Melchior
Tshefu, Antoinette K.
Meshnick, Steven R.



Data Set/Study

The DRC Health Monitoring Information System
Demographic and Health Survey (DHS)


Democratic Republic of Congo