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Studying Employers and Their Employees: Comparative Approaches


Kalleberg, Arne L. (1994). Studying Employers and Their Employees: Comparative Approaches. Acta Sociologica, 37(3), 223-229.


This introductory article discusses some issues related to the collection and analysis of data on employers and their employees. Some of the main characteristics of data sets that are useful for examining issues about employment relations are discussed first. Two major research designs that have been utilized to collect such data are then described. One approach begins with a sample of organizations and then selects employees within them; the other uses a sample of individuals to obtain an organizational sample. Both approaches are useful for generating multilevel data on organizations and individuals. These two approaches are illustrated by the data sets used by the authors of articles in this special issue, which addresses substantive issues such as: earnings differences, work autonomy, firm internal labor markets, organizational commitment, and selection methods.


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Journal Article

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Acta Sociologica


Kalleberg, Arne L.