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Eyal, Keren; Perreira, Krista; & Schilling, Samantha (Online ahead of print). “We Can’t Say This Won’t Happen to Me”: Parent-Child Communication about Anti-Latino Discrimination. Journal of Family Issues.


In recent years, discrimination toward Hispanic/Latino Americans has escalated, threatening the health of Hispanic/Latino families and children. Previous research in African American families demonstrates the importance of parent–child communication in interrupting the pathway between childhood discrimination and poor health outcomes, but parent–child communication regarding discrimination has not been well-studied in Hispanic/Latino families. This study uses the minority child development model to explore how Hispanic/Latino parents discuss anti-Latino and anti-immigrant discrimination, bias, and unfair treatment with their children. In-depth interviews were performed with Hispanic/Latino immigrant parents (N = 14) of 25 children ages 5–17 years. Interviews were analyzed using phenomenological thematic analysis. Seven major strategies utilized by Hispanic/Latino parents emerged: (1) champion success; (2) comfort and encourage; (3) advocate, appeal, and defend; (4) understand, ignore, and accept; (5) learn from it; (6) teach tolerance; and (7) prepare for bias. The development of resources to enhance parent skills in this area is discussed.


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Journal Article

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Online ahead of print

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Journal of Family Issues


Eyal, Keren
Perreira, Krista
Schilling, Samantha

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United States of America


North Carolina




Perreira - 0000-0003-2906-0261