2016-17 Interdisciplinary Workshop Series

All interdisciplinary workshops are held on Thursday from 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. in Room B005 (206 W. Franklin Street) unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2016


September 8

  • Monitoring the Healthiness of the Global Food Supply
    Elizabeth Dunford, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar;Public Health
  • The Demography of Return Migration: How Age Structures Economic Reintegration and Self-Employment
    Joshua Wassink, CPC Predoctoral Trainee; Sociology


September 15

  • The Influence of Non-Maternal Caregivers on Infant Dietary Outcomes
    Katherine Barrett, CPC Predoctoral Trainee; Anthropology
  • Aging and Population Decline in Japan
    Yosuke Inoue, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Public Health


September 22

  • A Life Course Perspective on Rural-Urban Health Disparities: Residential Mobility across the Transition to Adulthood
    Elizabeth Lawrence, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Sociology
  • Hidden Populations: Seeking an Accurate National Size Estimate with Incomplete Data
    Sabrina Zadrozny, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Epidemiology


September 29 --- Focus on Add Health

  • Family Structure and Adolescent Development
    Lauren Gaydosh, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Sociology and Social Policy
  • Typologies of Dyadic Relationship Quality in Stepfamilies and Adolescent Adjustment: A Factor Mixture Model
    Todd Jensen, Ph.D. Candidate, UNC-CH School of Social Work


October 6 --- Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Workshop

  • The Power and the Peril: Ethical Considerations of Using Spatial Data
    John Spencer, Senior GIS Specialist at MEASURE Evaluation


October 13

  • In Search of a Salient Marker of Immune Function for Population Health Research
    Lydia Feinstein, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Epidemiology
  • Epigenetics in Population Health Research: A Bridge between Social and Biologic Processes
    Lindsay Fernández-Rhodes, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Epidemiology


October 27 --- Focus on Add Health --- Flash Talks


November 3

  • What’s Color Got to Do With It?: Examining the Joint Consequences of Skin Tone, Gender, and SES on BMI Trajectories Among African Americans
    Taylor Hargrove, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Sociology
  • Role of Community Health Workers in Improving Maternity Care in India
    Smisha Agrawal Kaysin, CPC Predoctoral Trainee; Maternal and Child Health


November 10

  • Environmental Determinants of Migration in Rural Uganda
    Maia Call, CPC Predoctoral Trainee; Geography
  • Iron Deficiency and Infection: Current Progress and Next Steps
    Achsah Dorsey, CPC Predoctoral Trainee; Anthropology


November 17

  • Super Bowl Babies: Do Cities with Super Bowl Winning Teams Really See Spikes in Births Nine Months Later?
    George Hayward and Anna Rybinska, CPC Predoctoral Trainees; Sociology
  • Reexamining Gender Discrimination in Childhood Health & Nutrition in Rural India
    Sowmya Rajan, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Sociology


December 1

  • Spatial Misclassification of Area-level Exposures in the Detroit Neighborhood Health Study
    Elizabeth McClure, CPC Predoctoral Trainee; Epidemiology
  • More Than a Snapshot: Measuring Contraceptive Behavior Over Time
    Katherine Tumlinson, CPC Postdoctoral Scholar; Epidemiology

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