2019-2020 Biosocial Trainees

Postdoctoral Scholars

Grace Noppert, PhD, MPH, MAT

University of Michigan, 2016
Email: gnop@email.unc.edu

Room 3105K CSQ  

Research Focus:
Immunosenescence; social epidemiology; social drivers of infectious disease; life course perspectives; population health

Faculty Preceptor(s): Allison Aiello, PhD, Epidemiology; Robert Hummer, PhD, Sociology

Predoctoral Trainees

Nafeesa Andrabi

Email: nandrabi@live.unc.edu
Graduate Student, Sociology

Room 2179D CSQ  

Research Focus:
Mental health and experiences of discrimination in US Muslim populations; genetic and epigenetic predictors of mental disorders; health disparities

Faculty Preceptor(s): Joanna “Asia” Maselko, PhD, Epidemiology; Kathleen Weisshaar, PhD, Sociology

Andrea (Andi) Goodwin

Email: andi15@live.unc.edu
Graduate Student, Sociology

Room 2185E CSQ  

Research Focus:
Health disparities throughout the life course along racial/ethnic, gender, and class strata

Faculty Preceptor(s):  Robert Hummer, PhD, Sociology; Whitney Robinson, PhD, Epidemiology

Rae Anne Martinez

Email: raeannem@live.unc.edu
Graduate Student, Epidemiology

Room CSQ, 4th Floor 

Research Focus:
Race/ethnicity and social stratification; child development;  statistical methods; genetics

Faculty Preceptor(s): Allison Aiello, PhD, Epidemiology; Robert Hummer, PhD, Sociology

Natalie Smith

Email: natsmith@live.unc.edu
Graduate Student, Health Policy and Management

Room 2179EC CSQ  Smith

Research Focus:
Public health policy; computer simulation modeling for decision support; how the social and built environments impact health; obesity prevention

Faculty Preceptor(s): Leah Frerichs, PhD, Health Policy and Management; James Moody, PhD, Sociology

Rachel Wilbur

Email: rachel_wilbur@med.unc.edu
Graduate Student, Anthropology

Room 2124E CSQ  

Research Focus:
The impact of historical and intergenerational trauma on contemporary health among Native Americans and Alaska Natives

Faculty Preceptor(s): Amanda Thompson, PhD, Anthropology; Alexandra Lightfoot, PhD, Health Behavior

Paul Zivich

Email: pzivich@live.unc.edu
Graduate Student, Epidemiology

Room 4209A CSQ 

Research Focus:
Respiratory infectious diseases; vaccines; social network analysis; epidemiological methods; Python software development

Faculty Preceptor(s): Allison Aiello, PhD, Epidemiology; James Moody, PhD, Sociology

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