Conceptual Framework of the Biosocial Training Program


Biosocial Training Program


Conceptual Framework of the Biosocial Training Program

The program's goal is to train pioneering scientists to move across disciplinary boundaries and employ creative and integrative approaches to life course health and wellbeing. To accomplish this goal, we have developed a program design that facilitates integrated research on life course health and wellbeing at the highest level.

The figure illustrates the conceptual framework underlying this training program. While there is a universe of possible biological/health and social sciences gap emphasis areas, our biosocial training program focuses on key areas of research excellence at UNC, and those areas that have been or could be successfully applied in integrative research projects across disciplines. On the biological/health side, these include but are not limited to: cardiovascular health, genomics, immunology/infection, and the microbiome. On the social side, these include but are not limited to social inequality, social networks, and spatial/temporal processes. The stepwise approach to our program results in rigorously trained integrative scientists who can address the major issues facing populations today. In doing so, this program directly addresses a key component of the NICHD mission, which is to train researchers who work across disciplines to better understand human health and wellbeing across the life course.

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