Supplemental Compensation Policy

Biosocial Training Program


Supplemental Compensation Policy

Postdoctoral scholars and predoctoral trainees appointed to the Biosocial T32 Program are considered by NIH and by this program to have 100%-effort appointments. In certain cases, postdocs or predocs may be asked to participate in a research project or instructional activity, completely unique to their postdoctoral research/training, that would be beneficial to their career aspirations. The following guidelines must be followed in the consideration of such requests:

1) Before starting any additional work opportunity the postdoc/predoc must draft a letter stating how the additional work is CLEARLY different from the work that they will be doing towards their T32 training and how the additional work would be beneficial to their career aspirations.

2) They must discuss the letter with their co-preceptors and get both preceptors’ approval to move forward.

3) They must submit an email indicating the preceptors’ approval (cc’d to the preceptors) and attach the letter to Michelle Collins.

4) Both Program Directors and the Program Manager must review the letters and approve them.

5) The postdoc/predoc trainee must receive an email approving the request from the PIs prior to starting the work.

6) If the planned additional work changes in any significant ways, the postdoc/predoc must submit another letter to indicate the changes and receive approval to continue. 

7) The approval process must be renewed annually. The postdoc has responsibility for making sure that yearly approval is granted.

8) Per NIH rules, any additional pay that a postdoc receives must be less than 25% of the annual postdoc salary.

Violations may result in loss of future eligibility.

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