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Sc.D., Research Assistant Professor, Maternal and Child Health

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Bloom’s research focuses on gender-based violence (GBV) and the effect of gender on reproductive health outcomes. Since 2014, Bloom has been working in Botswana to develop a health information system to support the prevention and response to GBV at the national level, as part of a pilot that will extend to other countries. In 2012-14, she directed an international collaboration that led to her writing of the Compendium of Gender Equality and HIV Indicators. The compendium has been translated in to Russian and is currently being translated into French, Spanish, and Portuguese, by UN Women. In 2012-13, she directed an evaluation of a GBV intervention implemented by the US Department of Justice and USAID that took place in four countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The findings provided evidence for best practices in the prevention and response to GBV in sub-Saharan Africa, and directions for further research. Gender In 2008, in collaboration with an international panel of experts, she wrote Violence against Women and Girls (VAW/G): A Compendium of Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators. The first publication of its kind, it is now being used by VAW/G programmatic streams around the world funded by USAID, PEPFAR, and various UN organizations such as WHO. Much of her research before took place in South Asia, where she has worked for over 30 years. Bloom studied the spread of HIV in North India: examining the effect of gender on married men’s risky sexual behavior, HIV stigma among women and men in North India, and how these factors affect HIV programming interventions such as Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT). Where there is a balance of gender-based power, such as higher autonomy for women and gender-equitable attitudes among men, people are less likely to harbor stigmatizing attitudes that hamper HIV prevention efforts and are more likely to demonstrate knowledge about HIV programming such as VCT. While the effects of gender on health outcomes are clearly documented around the world, little evidence exists on the effects of gender on the performance and impact of health programs. Bloom helped move the field of gender-related monitoring and evaluation (M&E) forward in several ways. She developed the Gender Strategy for the MEASURE Evaluation project as its Senior Technical Advisor for Gender, which outlined how to integrate gender into all aspects of the M&E of health programs and policies.

Bloom will continue her work on how M&E can improve the prevention of and response to GBV on a global level, and specifically in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia She is working with multi- and bi-lateral organizations to support developing a single GBV data system that will monitor and evaluate GBV programs focused on prevention activities, such as changing cultural norms around gender power and roles, and care and support, such as providing survivors with a full care package that extends across sectors.

Primary Research Areas:

  • Reproductive Health

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