CPC Postdoctoral Scholars

Academic Year 2019-2020

Rachel Arocho, PhD
Human Development and Family Science
The Ohio State University, 2018
Email: rarocho@email.unc.edu

Room 3105G CSQ Arocho
Research Focus:

Adolescent and young adult relationship expectations and attitudes; transition to adulthood; family demography, particularly cohabitation and marriage.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Guang Guo, PhD, Sociology and Carolyn Tucker Halpern, PhD, Maternal and Child Health

Ther Aung, PhD
Resources, Environment and Sustainability
University of British Columbia, 2016
Email: theraung@email.unc.edu

Room 3105C CSQ Ther Aung
Research Focus:

Household energy in LMIC; health, climate and livelihood impacts from biomass fuel use; air pollution and exposure assessment; and intervention evaluation.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Pamela Jagger, PhD, Public Policy and Michael Emch, PhD, Geography

Noah Haber, ScD
Global Health and Population
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 2017
Email: nhaber@unc.edu

Room 3105B CSQ Noah Haber
Research Focus:
Health economics; HIV/AIDS in South Africa - identifying factors related to adverse behavioral incentives from public programs; modeling the HIV cascade of care; and experimenting with survey elicitation methods for sensitive questions.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Audrey Pettifor, PhD, Epidemiology

Ashley Hagaman, PhD
Global Health
Arizona State University, 2017
Email: ashley.hagaman@unc.edu

Room 3105H CSQ Hagaman
Research Focus:
LMIC mental health intervention evaluation; global mental health; LMIC health systems quality improvement; vital surveillance, suicide; maternal health; and implementation science.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Asia Maselko, PhD, Epidemiology and Kavita Singh Ongechi, PhD, Maternal and Child Health

Jonathan Horowitz, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2017
Email: horowit1@email.unc.edu

Room 3105A CSQ Jonathan Horowitz
Research Focus:
Life course; cohort change; age-graded patterns across political behaviors; work/jobs/inequality; and residential mobility/migration.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Barbara Entwisle, PhD, Sociology

Chantel Martin, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015
Email: martchan@email.unc.edu

Room 2205J CSQ
Research Focus:
Health disparities; early life determinants of health disparities; biosocial processes; life course framework; social and environmental epidemiology.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Allison Aiello, PhD, Epidemiology and Kathleen Mullan Harris, PhD, Sociology

Pourya Valizadeh, PhD
Agricultural and Applied Economics
University of Georgia, 2018
Email: pouryav@email.unc.edu

Room 2015K CSQ Pourya
Research Focus:

Evaluating the impact of nutrition-related fiscal policies (e.g., taxes and subsidies) on consumer purchases and holistic dietary intake in the United States; evaluating the effects of changes in federal nutrition assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Shu Wen Ng, PhD, Nutrition and David K. Guilkey, PhD, Economics

Yu Wu, PhD
North Carolina State University, 2018

Room 2126C CSQ
Research Focus:

Environment and development; energy access and energy use; deforestation and land use; environmental policy and impact evaluation; ecosystem services and non-market valuation.
CPC Faculty Preceptor(s): Michael Emch, PhD, Geography, Barbara Entwisle, PhD, Sociology and Pamela Jagger, PhD, Public Policy,

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