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Project History

Since 1984 researchers have observed the villagers of Nang Rong, talking to individuals, following migrants, and collecting data on their communities and environment. Although the research teams and methods have changed as funding and resources have changed, each has contributed to a growing body of information that describes a dynamic and adaptive population. This history describes two decades of research under five separate projects:

Completed projects

1)      CBIRD Evaluation Project 1984

2)      Demographic Responses 1993-2004

    a)      C-Bird Evaluation Project-CPC Study 1994-1995

    b)      C-Bird Evaluation Project-CPC Study 2000-2001

      3)    Population Dynamics, Landscape Patterns and Environmental Changes: 
             Relationsips between People, Pixels and Biophysical Gradients 1995 - 1999

      4)    Soil, Water, People, and Pixels:  A Study of Nang Rong 1997 - 2000

Currently funded projects

5)      Complexity Theory 2001-2005

6)      Complexity Theory 2001-2005

7)      Social Networks and Migration 1999-2004

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