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The Migrant Household-Level Identifiers

Restricted-Use Data

The migrant household identifiers basically begin with the migrant questionnaire identification number that appears on the front of the migrant questionnaires.  This questionnaire identification number was filled-in when the interviewer made an attempt (successful or not) at interviewing a study migrant.   In 2000, due to interviewers using the same questionnaire identification numbers across the two phases (Rural to Urban and Rural to Rural), a migrant follow-up type identifier variable was added later to keep from having duplicate identifiers.  Below are the variable names for the migrant household identifiers:

1994 Survey
2000 Survey

The main migrant household identifiers are different in format across the two years.  The 1994 identifier, MID, is in numeric format with a length of 7 digits.  The first four digits represent the migrant's 1994 origin village number, while the last three digits are a simple sequential number.  The 2000 identifier, MID00, is in alphanumeric format (with leading zeroes) with a length of 11 digits.  The first six digits represent the migrant's 2000 origin village number, while the last five digits are a simple sequential number.   The MIGTYPE variable in 2000 is in alphanumeric format and has a length of four digits.   The main values are in short-hand format which points to the phase: 'R2U' for Rural to Urban and 'R2R' for Rural to Rural.   There are two other values that point to migrants within the particular follow-up phase who returned back to the origin village to live:  'R2UR' for Rural to Urban Returned and 'R2RR' for Rural to Rural Returned. 

Public-Use Data

Due to reasons of confidentiality, a new set of migrant household identifier variables was created for the public-use data archive.  The values for this new set of variables were randomly generated based on the original values from the original migrant household identifiers.  Each variable name has a "PMID" prefix followed by the last two digits of the survey year:

1994 Survey
2000 Survey

The public-use migrant household identifiers are in numeric format, start with 1 and increase to the total number of migrant households in that particular survey year.

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