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1984 Questionnaires and Codebooks


The 1984 Community Profile (English | Thai) was conducted in a selected sample of Nang Rong villages.  A group discussion method with selected village informants was employed to collect the community information. These informants included village headmen and their assistants, village health volunteers, community development volunteers, housewife's club officers and others.  The profile collected information about population size and composition, transportation, education, water sources, occupations, cultivation, animal husbandry, agricultural technology and market, sources of funding for agricultural activities, electrification, communication, social institutions, health and family planning services and community development.  


The 1984 Household Survey (English | Thai) consisted of a complete household census in each of the sample villages.  The survey obtained social and demographic facts about current and temporarily absent members; household characteristics; land owned, rented and cultivated; livestock; and household activities.

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