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Constructed Data Files

There are several data files that have been constructed from different elements in the social survey and spatial analysis data. Follow the links below to see documentation for the different data file types:

Social Networks
This is data constructed from social network questions from the 1994 and 2000 Social Survey data.  Both Social Surveys undertook a difficult, but very innovative, task to identify both social and kinship networks among the residents, households and villages of Nang Rong.

Life History Calendars
This is a data file constructed from the four life history calendar data files: life94 (Form 5 in the 1994 Household Survey), mlife94 (Form 10 in the 1994 Migrant Follow-Up Survey), life00 (Form 5 in the 2000 Household Survey) and mlife00 (Form 11 in the 2000 Migrant Follow-Up Survey).  The intital goal was to take all of the life history calendar data sets from the Household and Migrant Follow-Up surveys and combine them into one large data file that contained all of the life history calendar information collected by the Nang Rong Projects.

Land Use & Ownership
This is a couple of data files constructed from the 2000 Household Survey data.   In one data file, there are variables related to the number of plangs used in the 1998-1999 growing season and the 1999-2000 growing season.   In the second data file, there is information about all of the plangs used in either growing season, 1998-1999 or 1999-2000.

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