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Life History Calendars

LHC Data File

This is a data file constructed from the four life history calendar data files:  life94 (Form 5 in the 1994 Household Survey), mlife94 (Form 10 in the 1994 Migrant Follow-Up Survey), life00 (Form 5 in the 2000 Household Survey) and mlife00 (Form 11 in the 2000 Migrant Follow-Up Survey).  The intital goal was to take all of the life history calendar data sets from the Household and Migrant Follow-Up surveys and combine them into one large data file that contained all of the life history calendar information collected by the Nang Rong Projects.  Some issues came about before and during construction: 
  • Residence information was not coded in the same manner over the four life history calendars.   A standardized coding scheme was developed, where detailed village and district codes gave way to more general location codes, such as "another village" or "another district" (see new residence codes). 

  • Individuals completed one, two or even three life history calendars.  After concatenating the four life history calendar data files, those individuals with two or three life history calendars ended up with overlapping person years.   A decision was made to leave the overlapping person years in the data set and allow the researcher to make their own decision in regards to the overlap. 

  • All of the household and individual identifiers from 1984, 1994 and 2000 are included in the data set.  However, using all 12 identifier variables to sort the data and identify a person was a bit unwieldy.  So, the new person identifer variable (called NRPID) was added to the data set. 
  • The final variable used in sorting the data set is the new western year variable (called WYEAR), but researchers can re-sort the data using the new age variable (called AGE) as the final variable instead.  However, please note that the final sort variable used does indeed make a difference in the order of the person years for individuals who have multiple life history calendars.

Circular Migration Data Files

In 2003-04, three new data files were constructed based on specific instructions in regards to circular migration.   The first data file, lhc_uyr, started with the original LHC data file and simply removed all overlapping person years.  The second data file, lhc_res, is a re-structured version of the lhc_uyr data file.  The final data file, circmig, builds off the lhc_res data file and produces a data file at the circular migration interval-level.   Click on the links below to see more detailed documentation on each of the circular migration data files:

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