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Nang Rong Projects Person Identifier

To uniquely identify a person using the original identifier schemes in the Nang Rong Projects data archive usually requires a combination of identifiers, which might include the village number and/or household identifier plus an individual's CEP code from the household roster.  The schemes are solid and reliable, but remembering the various combinations across the different survey years can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  Given this challenge, we decided to construct a new person identifier variable.  The single variable, called NRPID, uniquely identifies each person in the entire Nang Rong Projects data archive.  The variable has been added to a "person identifier" data set that contains all individuals with all of their original identifiers.  In order to use this new person identifier variable, users will need to merge the person identifier data set to the individual-level data files in the Nang Rong data archive.  Please follow the links below to examine the person identifier documentation and programming examples. 

Data Documentation Data Files Chart

The Person Identifier data files chart currently consists of one data file. 

Programming Examples

Add the Person Identifier to...

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