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Constructed Public Release Data

Social Network Data Files

Social network variables constructed from the 1994 and 2000 Social Survey data are now available for the public. The table below shows specifications on the two household-level public release data files. Click on a box to generate a variable list (Vars), one-way frequency tables and descriptives (Freq & Mean) or cross-tabulations (Cross-tab) using the public release data file. For details on the constructed variables, consult the Social Network documentation section.

Note:  The public-use data files have been modified for confidentiality and are available in SPSS, Stata and SAS transport (using xport engine) format.

Type of Networks Data Set N Vars Sorted
Freq &

1994 Survey
  • Sibling
  • Help w/ Rice Harvest
  • Equipment
SNHH94 7336* 81 PHHID94
*   Since the construction of these social network variables, the 1994 Household Survey data has been slightly modified. There will be some "slippage" when merging this 1994 Social Network data file with the 1994 Household Survey data files.

2000 Survey
  • Sibling
  • Help w/ Rice Harvest
  • Help w/ Cassava
SNHH00 8,638 56 PHHID00

To download (at no cost) data files, please go to

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