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Phase I Data Collection

Duration: February 2000 – June 2000
        Phase I Data Collection involved collecting both social and spatial data.  Phase I began several weeks prior to the arrival of the Household Survey teams in Nang Rong.  GPS teams were responsible for some initial social data collection in the form of administering the Community Questionnaires in intensive and non-intensive study villages, assembling household and rice mill lists and providing these lists to the Household survey teams.  In addition, the GPS teams obtained current market prices for selected items in Bangkok and several major towns in and around Nang Rong district.  On March 2, 2000, a formal, monthly district-level meeting was held in Nang Rong town.  Around 400 headmen and other village officials from Nang Rong, Chamni, Now Suwan, and Chalermprakeit were in attendance. IPSR faculty introduced the project to the audience, made them aware that interviewers would be visiting their villages in the near future, and asked for their assistance and participation in the survey.  The spatial data collection focused on the following:
  1. gathering geographic coordinates and attribute data for village dwelling units (intensive study villages only, N=92),
  2. gathering geographic coordinates and attribute data for village social centers (all study villages, N=346); Social center referred to social hub of the village, that is, the main place(s) within a village where villagers congregated (eg. village headquarters, headman’s house, village temple, market center).
  3. gathering geographic coordinates and attribute information at specified geodetic control locations in and around Nang Rong district,
  4. gathering GPS base station data for correcting GPS field data,
  5. mapping and obtaining attribute data for all district-level bus routes leading into Nang Rong town.
Teams and Resources
        Four GPS teams were used in Phase I, each team consisting of two individuals. Each team member was given a 400 baht per diem.  Each team was assigned a Trimble GEOII GPS receiver and external antennae for use during spatial data collection.  They were also provided with rechargeable and AA batteries to power the GPS receivers, necessary data forms and survey questionnaires, and transportation to and from villages.  During the course of Phase I, GPS teams were provided with funds in order to pay village headmen and sub-district headmen 200 baht/day for their assistance and all other informants 150 baht/day for their services.  A CPC-IPSR Nang Rong headquarters was established at CBIRD, near Nong Boat village.  Headquarters provided meeting space, computers for word processing, data entry, and GPS download, and storage for various equipment and survey forms.

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