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Survey Data

A great deal of data and documentation is provided on this Website. Although most CHNS data files are small, their sheer number can be overwhelming. We urge you to review all documentation in this section, particularly the Questionnaires, CHNS Documentation, and the ID Variables pages before you download the data. A careful review of these materials will help you:

  • Navigate the questionnaires and data files more efficiently
  • Determine which files should be combined to create the analyses files you need
  • Alert you to features and problems in the data that may affect your analysis.

Questionnaires - English translations of original Chinese questionnaires for all survey years

Data Sets - Data descriptions and downloadable files

Documentation - File organization, ID variables, units of analysis and more.


Note that the new longitudinal files will facilitate both longitudinal and cross-sectional data.  Moreover, they contain corrected date of birth, gender, and other variables so it might be wiser for researchers to use whatever data are available on these master longitudinal files when possible.