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Data Downloads

CHNS files can now be downloaded directly from the Website. Files are zipped together by survey year to expedite the file transfer.

2011 Data

Data collection is done. Updating longitudinal datasets with 2011 data is underway.



2009 Data

Data and Documentation

The 2009 files are now available. Questionnaires may be viewed, downloaded and printed, and important information concerning ID variables, unit of analysis, and key sort variables is updated.

Biomarker Data

NewThe 2009 biomarker data and documentations are available now.


The following have been added to the 2009 sample:

  • New members in original households
  • Newly formed households (formed when an original member moves out and starts a new household)
  • New households in original communities (to replace lost households)
  • New communities (to replace lost communities)

Data Cleanup

2009 file cleanup has included:

  • Resolving ID problems longitudinally
  • Deletion of duplicate records
  • Combining related files

Out-of-range data values have not yet been examined, and thus remain in the files.

Longitudinal Data

New datasets known as CHNS Longitudinal Master Files are now available.  These new master files are designed to make longitudinal analysis of the CHNS Survey data much easier.  The new master files consolidate and standardize data from multiple survey years into a select number of master files.

Community-Level Data

All community data are available in longitudinal format. Because of confidentiality concerns, all community data files are distributed only upon completion and approval of the CHNS data use agreement. Researchers who already have approval to use previous community data may obtain 2009 community files by submitting another data use agreement form (including all applicable signatures) accompanied by a signed statement indicating that s/he agrees to follow the same rules for the 2009 data.