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Data Sets

Currently, there are 48 CHNS Longitudinal Master Files:

  • One Master ID File that contains birth dates, gender, and previous IDs for people who have lived in multiple households
  • Two Master Physical Exam and Physical Activity Files that contain all the anthropometric data and physical activity information
  • Six Master Diet and Infant Feeding Files that include household level and individual level food consumption, individual level meal patterns, and infant feeding practice
  • Nine Agricultural Files that cover farming, gardening and fishing
  • Ten Income-related Files that cover education, wages, occupations, household businesses, subsidies and other income, and household assets
  • One Time Use File that contains time individuals spent taking care of the home, parents, and children
  • Two Child Care Files that contain child care activities and availabilities.
  • Five Ever-Married Women Files that contain child bearing, mass media, marriage, pregnancy, and birth history
  • One Child/Parent Relationship File that contains children's household and line ID and the parents with whom they have resided
  • Three Health Services Files that include health insurance, health care availability, and utility.

Click here to download our Variable Index File, which will help you locate in which dataset a variable is located.

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