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The questionnaires are the most important pieces of CHNS documentation. They are English language translations of the original Chinese questionnaires.

Many questionnaire sections are arranged in tabular format. Data are organized by row (or line) in the tables. The questionnaires are also designed to function as codebooks. The variable names as they appear in the data sets are typically listed below or to the right of their corresponding questions in the questionnaire.

The 1993 and 2006 interviewer manuals are an English translation of the written instructions given to interviewers. The 2011 interviewer manual is in Chinese only and has not been translated into English. All survey questionnaires and the 1993 and 2006 interviewer manuals are available below in PDF format. This format allows documents to be viewed, downloaded, and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1989 Survey:

1991 Survey:

1993 Survey:

1997 Survey:


2000 Survey:



2004 Survey:



2006 Survey:


 Training manual used in 2006 survey can be downloaded here.


2009 Survey:




2011 Survey:




2015 Survey:




*To obtain community-level files, a CHNS data use agreement must be submitted and approved by the project director.