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Roster File

The CHNS Longitudinal Roster File consolidates secondary roster information, such as relationship to head of household and martial status, for survey individuals which comes from the beginning tables of the household survey and also from the Adult and Child Surveys starting in 2004. The primary roster data is found in the CHNS Master ID File which contains information on the date of birth, gender, nationality, date of death, survey date and ID’s for all survey years. As a longitudinal file, this file contains multiple years of data for each individual.  An individual can have from 1 to 10 years of data as designated by the WAVE variable which contains the survey year, 1989 to 2015.

Head of Household Variables

In 1989, 1997 and 2000, questions A16 – A31 were only asked to the Head of Household as part of the Household Questionnaire.  If the Household Roster did not designate a Head of Household, a Head of Household was programmatically assigned to the spouse first, then the first parent, then the first child and then the first sibling.

Variable AA12

If a person joins a new Household, variable AA12 would be when they joined the new household (current HHID), not when they left the old household (former HHID).

Participation Variables

Eight ‘Participation’ variables were created to indicate level of individual participation by survey year.  For all years:

  1. The ROSTER variable indicates that roster data is available, this will always be true.
  2. The DIET variable indicates the availability of Diet data.


For years 1989 through 2015:

  1. The PE variable indicates the availability of Physical Exam and Physical Activity
  2. The AGRI variable indicates the availability of agriculture and fishing data.
  3. The EDUC variable indicates the availability of Education data.
  4. The JOB_WAGE variable indicates the availability of Wage and Job information.


For Years 2004 through 2015:

1. The ADULT variable indicates that and Adult Survey was completed.

  1. The CHILD variable indicates that and Child Survey was completed.

If only the ROSTER variable is equal to 1, this would be minimum participation.  If an ADULT or CHILD variable is equal to 1, assume full participation.

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