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Community Data Requests/Linkages

We now offer custom data linkage services for a small fee.  An overview of the process for this service is as follows:

  1. Create Login Account
    1. Click "Register" link at top of the page
    2. Enter your name, email address, and an username of your choice
    3. Wait for an automated email from website
    4. Follow the first link in the email from the previous step.  Enter your username and a new password into the form (enter the password twice).
  2. Login to website (click the "Log in" link at the top of this page)
  3. Complete Data Linkage Request Form (Please login first!)
  4. Wait for further instructions from CHNS staff (e.g., payment)
  5. Login and go to Your Linkage Requests.  If you have submitted any requests, you should see your name.  Click on it and you should see a list of your linkage request submissions.
  6. Select the linkage request and download your custom data file.  NOTE: We remove your custom data files from the webserver after a reasonable period of time has passed.
  7. Decrypt your custom data file using the instructions provided to you in step 4.