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The Duration of Contraceptive Use


Molyneaux, John W.; Kantner, Andrew; Meirida, Djusni; Frankenberg, Elizabeth; Kasmiyati; & Waloejo, Soegeng (1991). The Duration of Contraceptive Use. (pp. 62). Jakarta, Indonesia and Honolulu, Hawaii: National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) and East-West Center.


Duration of use measures are computed for all intervals of use measured in the 1987 NICPS. Findings show that the IUD has the highest twelve- and twenty-four-month continuation rates, followed by pills, injectables and condoms. While 77 percent of IUD users, and slightly more than half of pill and injectable users report continuous use for up to twenty-four months, only one-third of condom users have continuously used over a period of two years. The low level of continuation for condoms is not exceptional given the periodic patterns of use that typify this method.

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Molyneaux, John W.
Kantner, Andrew
Meirida, Djusni
Frankenberg, Elizabeth
Waloejo, Soegeng