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CPC’s Population Science Training Program trains the next generation of population scientists to conduct critical research on the causes and consequences of population change and the implications for health and well-being across the globe. Cross-disciplinary collaboration and hands-on involvement in innovative population science research are defining features of our program.  

The predoctoral program combines disciplinary PhDs with a strong grounding in population science through coursework, seminars, and workshops and a mentored research practicum with one or more faculty members that continues throughout training. The postdoctoral program is structured around a close mentoring relationship between the training faculty and postdoctoral scholars, customized to fit the goals and interests of both. 

Our alumni go on to hold a variety of research positions in both academic and non-academic environments. Recent placements include Harvard University, Duke University, Child Trends, UT Austin, McGill University, and the U.S. Census Bureau, among others.  

The program is currently led by Dr. Elizabeth Frankenberg.