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Office Locations: 123 West Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (2nd and 3rd Floors)


The Carolina Population Center is located behind the Target on Franklin Street at 123 West Franklin Street. It is the building with the attached public parking garage. You will see a large orange sculpture out front. Enter the “123 West Franklin Street” building lobby through the revolving glass door and take the elevator to the second or third floor. Please note that the exterior elevators are for the parking garage; you must enter the building lobby and take the interior elevator.


Illustrated mapPhoto of 123 W. Franklin St. building


Guests of CPC may park in the Carolina Square parking deck, located in the same building as the Center. Please park in a spot marked “Hourly Parking” on the 1st and 2nd floor of the deck. Please be aware that the parking garage elevator is separate from the office building elevator so take the stairs or parking garage elevator down to the first/ground floor, enter the office building through the revolving glass door, and then take the elevator to your desired floor. (Note: the parking deck elevator and the building elevator are separate elevators.)

Hourly parking rates are as follows:
First 45 minutes – free
Second 45 minutes – $2.00
Every subsequent hour – $5.00 per hour

As an alternative, you may park at the Town of Chapel Hill parking garage located at 201 W. Rosemary Street. The fee to park is $1.50 per hour. There are also several parking spaces available within walking distance in downtown Chapel Hill.

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If you are planning a trip to UNC-Chapel Hill, you may also wish to visit the University visitor information site or view the University campus maps. We also have a Visitor’s Guide.