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Learn more about how to comply with NIH Public Access Law and acknowledge the CPC P2C Center Grant.

What is the CPC P2C Center Grant?

The P2C, or Population Dynamics Centers Research Infrastructure Program grant, provides support to advance the field of population dynamics research by increasing research impact, innovation, and productivity; developing junior scientists; and maximizing the efficiency of research support. The principle research areas of CPC’s P2C are Sexuality, Reproduction, Fertility, and Families; Population, Health, and the Environment; and Inequality, Mobility, and Well-Being. CPC Fellows and Trainees who conduct PDB-relevant research are supported by the P2C grant (P2C HD050924) and should cite it.

How do I know when to cite?

Use the P2C Flowchart to determine if the P2C grant should be cited. If you are still unsure, send the title and abstract to Lexie Groner for guidance.

Acknowledgement examples

Example 1: Research reported in this publication was supported by NICHD of the National Institutes of Health under award number P2C HD050924.

Example 2: [author name] was supported by the grant P2C HD050924 from NICHD of the NIH.

Who can I contact for help?

Contact Lexie Groner with questions