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Elizabeth FrankenbergWhen I first joined the Carolina Population Center two things really struck me: the warmth of the CPC community and the enthusiasm for population research that extends across faculty, staff, and students. These strengths fuel the work we do and make CPC a great learning environment. One of the resources I first explored to learn more about CPC is the searchable database of publications. The number of different topics our fellows, post-docs, and PhD students research is impressive, but I was also amazed by how many different combinations of people come together to produce this research. Here we highlight some of the themes that characterize our work. One area of emphasis is how families ensure the health and human capital of children, which is important because health during childhood has important implications for productivity in school and eventually in adult life. At the other end of the spectrum, populations everywhere are aging, putting a premium on understanding health and well-being both in mid-life and among the older generation. These issues are important for the United States and throughout the world. Across various themes CPC researchers use some common approaches, such as the importance of life-course, of context, and of careful attention to measurement and analytical methods. CPC has a long history of compelling research on population processes. I hope you enjoy learning more about our work as you explore our website.

Elizabeth Frankenberg
Director, Carolina Population Center