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Eppsteiner, Holly Straut & Hagan, Jacqueline Maria (2016). Religion as Psychological, Spiritual, and Social Support in the Migration Undertaking.. Saunders, Jennifer B.; Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Elena; & Snyder, Susanna (Eds.) (pp. 49-70). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


This chapter considers how migrants of various faiths from Latin America, Asia, and North and West Africa draw upon religion as a resource for psychological, social, and spiritual support during the migration process. Migrants rely on their faiths as they prepare their departure, during dangerous journeys, upon arrival, and beyond. Religion provides strength and motivation, and allows migrants to cope with the dislocations and traumas of contemporary migration. The analysis of religious support focuses on both the personal and the institutional aspects of religion as resource, demonstrating how migrants from various world regions rely on their respective faiths for spiritual companionship and religious institutions and movements that have emerged to support them along the migrant trail.


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Eppsteiner, Holly Straut
Hagan, Jacqueline Maria