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Pichón, Francisco J. & Uquillas, Jorge E. (1997). Agricultural Intensification and Poverty Reduction in Latin America's Risk-Prone Areas: Opportunities and Challenges. Journal of Developing Areas, 31(4), 479-514.


In planning interventions to reduce poverty, increase agricultural productivity, and improve management of natural resources, policymakers and donors are confronted with the fundamental question of whether to focus their attention and resources on high-potential agricultural areas or low-potential traditional areas. The largest concentrations of Latin America's rural poor now live in the traditional areas, notably in Northeastern Brazil, southern Mexico, the Andean subregion, and the densely settled hillside areas of Central America and the Caribbean, where environmental degradation is also widespread. In these areas, the prospects for poverty reduction and improved natural resource management are continuously worsening as technologies to intensify land use appropriate to the conditions of such environments have not been developed or are not known to farmers.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Developing Areas


Pichón, Francisco J.
Uquillas, Jorge E.