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The Future of Work – Good Jobs for All*


Eichhorst, Werner; Souza, André Portela; Cahuc, Pierre; Demazière, Didier; Fagan, Colette; Guimarães, Nadya Araujo; Fu, Huiyan; Kalleberg, Arne L.; Manning, Alan; & McGinnity, Frances, et al. (2018). The Future of Work – Good Jobs for All*.. International Panel on Social Progress, (Ed.) (pp. 255-312). Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.


This chapter assesses the global evidence on major factors influencing the future of work. It has become evident that there is a large variation in national developments, yet, there are shared issues of general relevance that make it possible to tell a global story


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Eichhorst, Werner
Souza, André Portela
Cahuc, Pierre
Demazière, Didier
Fagan, Colette
Guimarães, Nadya Araujo
Fu, Huiyan
Kalleberg, Arne L.
Manning, Alan
McGinnity, Frances
Rapoport, Hillel
Scranton, Phil
Siegrist, Johannes
Thelen, Kathleen
Valfort, Marie-Anne
Visser, Jelle