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Johnson, James H., Jr. & Farrell, Walter C., Jr. (1998). Growing Income Inequality in American Society: A Political Economy Perspective.. Auerbach, James A. & Belous, Richard S. (Eds.). Washington: National Policy Association.


A major report from the National Policy Association examines the increasingly contentious topic of growing income inequality in America. The Inequality Paradox: Growth of Income Disparity, edited by James A. Auerbach, NPA Senior Vice President, and Richard S. Belous, former NPA Vice President and Chief Economist, is based on papers presented at a major NPA conference in 1997 on the growth of income inequality, plus additional commissioned papers on this topic.
The authors, 20 key leaders from government, business, labor, and academia, point to three main factors that have led to an increase in income disparity particularly in the United States, but also in Europe: labor market forces -- including shifts in the world of work created by technological changes, globalization, and the decline of unionization; a growing diversity in the composition of households -- including the rise of single-parent families and families with dual earners; and policy changes -- including macroeconomic policies required to create a competitive and growing economy.

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Johnson, James H., Jr.
Farrell, Walter C., Jr.